The Instant Social Approval for Independent Sales Reps

iMCREDiBLE is a social approval engine created by one of the most seasoned veterans in the direct sales business development space. Bob Schober is a direct sales and marketing authority who trained, coached, and mentored thousands of independent sales reps to succeed with door-to-door sales across industries.

Build from Experience

Most recently, Bob and his partners grew one of the largest roofing company in the Southwest, relying on the independent rep model to fuel business growth at scale and to vet future leaders for the company.

Built for Sales Reps

Bob is continually looking for ways to increase the income potential for independent sales reps by elevating their profile to the strangers they may encounter at the door or their future employers.

Build to Gain Credibility

Gaining credibility is the most critical asset a sales professional can earn. With iMCREDiBLE, the benefits are clear—instant social credibility in an easy-to-use interface that every rep should put in their tool kit.


The features available with iMCREDiBLE include the iMCREDiBLE Shield of Approval (iSOA), the subscription profile service, the Cred Code (personalized QR Code), and the self-promotional tool kits.

Propel Your Sales Forward with iMCREDiBLE

Plans starting at only $19/mo.